Rainbows End

4 - 21 MAR 2015 |  18 DAYS  |  14 GUESTS


Snorkel | Dive | Photo | Wildlife & Nature

Join Wild Earth Expeditions on another exceptional expedition through the Philippines and Palau, showcasing incredible marine biodiversity inside the Coral Triangle with over 1500 species of fish and a plethora of soft and hard corals. You'll discover jaw-dropping landscapes, world-class snorkeling, diving and kayaking and swim with millions of jellyfish at mysterious Jelly Fish Lake. Experience the cultural riches of South East Asia and Micronesia. Explore WWII wrecks, hunt for weird critters on "muck dives" and snorkel alongside the worlds largest fish, the Whale shark. All from the comfort of our privately chartered yachts, furnished with luxury amenities and excellent food. Encounter the smallest primate on earth, visit a bustling colorful local market, hike to a volcano lake, kayak through the lush islands, enjoy a massage, sip on a cocktail and stroll along a pristine white sandy beach while watching a spectacular sunset.

Get close to large Thresher sharks and Mobula rays on the Malapascua Pre-Extension. From the largest fish to the tiniest, this expedition has it all and should be on the "Bucket List" of any keen snorkeler or scuba diver.

Join Thomas Baechtold and our fabulous Marine Biologist / Snorkel guide Robin Aiello on this wonderful expedition to “rainbows end”.

PRE EXTENSION  |  Malapascua Island  |  28 FEB - 5 MAR 2015  |  5 Days  |  10 Guests

For the ultimate Philippines adventure be sure to join the Pre-extension to the tiny tropical island paradise of Malapascua. Surrounded by white sandy beaches, turquoise waters and situated across the northernmost tip of Cebu Island, the reefs off Malapascua Island are the only place in the world where you can encounter the elusive Pelagic Thresher sharks but also Manta rays, Devil rays, White-tip Reef sharks and Grey Reef sharks. Explore an amazing coral encrusted ship wreck and enjoy some of the Philippines best soft coral gardens and “Muck diving” on the house reef.

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Minke Whales, Rainforest to Reef

21 JUN - 05 JUL 2015  |  14 DAYS  |  9 GUESTS


Snorkel | Dive | Wildlife & Nature | Culture & History |  Photo

This unique Wild Earth Expedition of discovery explores Australia’s Far North Queensland. Become personally acquainted with Dwarf Minke whales and marvel at the underwater wonders of the Great Barrier Reef. Travel across the Atherton Tablelands, experience the world heritage listed Daintree Rainforest and head up the famous Bloomfield track in a four-wheel drive truck. Discover one of the world’s oldest living cultures while experiencing ancient rainforests alive with a plethora of birds, mammals and reptiles. Come eye to eye with Minke whales and experience one of the greatest close-up wildlife encounters on the planet swimming for hours with these inquisitive whales.. Snorkel and dive some of Australia’s top sites on the Northern Barrier Reef, including the Ribbon Reefs, giant coral pinnacles and the world famous Cod hole with its giant Potato cods. Marvel at rock art dated back over 12,000 years and have local Aboriginal guides and elders share their ancient cultural and environmental knowledge. Encounter lush plateaus, deep desert landscapes and windy rivers on the famous 4x4 Bloomfield track heading from Cape Tribulation to Cooktown.

Explore national parks and the worlds oldest rainforest in search of tree kangaroos, rock wallabies, possums, sugar gliders, saltwater crocodiles, pythons, eels and a huge variety of bird species including Australia’s own Bird of Paradise. This two-week expedition takes you on an exhilarating journey of investigation and inspiration as experienced, local guides and marine biologists reveal to you the secrets of the rainforest, ancient cultures, Minke Whales and the Great Barrier reef. *Please note that details and pricing for this expedition are still being finalized.

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Cultural Splendors

12 - 25 SEP 2015   |   14 DAYS  |  16 GUESTS

Culture & History  |  Photo

Prepare to discover the many and varied wonders of Indochina with this Wild Earth Expeditions journey through Laos, Northern Vietnam and Cambodia during rice harvest season. A photographers delight, explore the natural, cultural, culinary and historical delights of these three unique countries as you experience exotic Laos through the royal city of Luang Prabang and surrounds, northern Vietnam’s vibrant markets, Hmong tribes and glistening Halong Bay onboard a traditional luxurious junk, and witness the engaging charisma of Cambodia through the riverside city of Siem Reap and the inspiring temple city of Angkor Wat. Experience Hanoi’s Old quarter, take part in an early morning Tai Chi session by the lake, enjoy a cyclo-ride and experience fabulous cuisine. Catch an overnight train to the chinese border and travel up to the remote hill stations. Cycle through rice fields as they are being harvested by traditional means, experience simple village life, watch the morning mist rise over the incredible rice paddies, dotted with workers conical hats and wander through the hills bordering China. This journey with Wild Earth Expeditions is a photographers dream, a unique adventure packed full of ancient sights, charming people and breathtaking beauty.

PRE EXTENSION |  Laos   |  07 - 14 Sep 2015  |  6 days  |  16 Guests

POST EXTENSION |  Cambodia  |  24 - 29 Sep 2015  |  5 Days  |  16 Guests

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North Sulawesi & Raja Ampat

01 - 19 NOV 2015  |  19 DAYS  |  18 GUESTS

Snorkel | Dive | Photo | Wildlife & Nature | Culture

Take the ultimate journey to the epicenter of marine biodiversity and join Wild Earth Expeditions on a 19 day adventure to some of the most remote corners of Indonesia. Explore the incredible underwater riches of North Sulawesi and Raja Ampat in West Papua on a divers and snorkelers dream expedition. We are combining 3 of Indonesia’s hotspots for a range of dynamic reefs and fantastic variety of marine life and dive sites. Spend a week exploring the spectacular reefs of Raja Ampat, hailed the “No1 marine biodiversity hotspot” of the world, home to 1320 fish species, 700 species of mollusks, 13 marine mammals, 5 species of endangered sea turtles and 75% of all known coral species in the world.

Considered the worlds best muck diving, find a mind-boggling array of weird and bizarre creatures on a dark sand floor at Lembeh Strait. Drift along magnificent walls covered in sponges, fans and filled with a myriad of schooling fish and large turtles at Bunaken Marine park. Hike through dense rainforest and encounter the world’s largest concentration of rare black crested macaques, see large Hornbills fly overhead and get close to a family of Tarsiers, the worlds tiniest and cutest primates. Visit bustling colorful markets and meet the friendly locals, indulge in a massage, sip on a cocktail while watching a spectacular sunset and savor delicious local cuisine, all while staying in beachfront and overwater villas at wonderful boutique Eco-Resorts. Combine this incredible expedition with the Baliem Valley trek.

PRE EXTENSION  |  Gangga & Bangka Islands  |  29 OCT - 02 NOV  |  4 DAYS  |  12 GUESTS

POST EXTENSION  | Baliem Valley Trek  | 18 - 25 NOV  |  7 DAYS  |  12 GUESTS

Embark on a voyage into the heart of West Papua for a never to be forgotten experience to the Baliem Valley. This true expedition will take you into the heart of Irian Jaya, for an incredible cultural experience. The Baliem Valley, situated in the heart of the Jayawijaya Mountains, is incredibly scenic, lush and fertile and is surrounded on all sides by towering peaks of 3,000m. Hike to villages steeped in ancient traditions, stay overnight and witness traditional performances, cultural rituals and experience the daily village life of the Dani, Lani and Yali tribes. Imagine a place with a vast display of tribes and tribal customs, a people largely unaffected by the strictures of the modern world as we know it, a race adapted to daily life solely through their basic survival elements. The Baliem valley is also home to 2700 species of orchids and well over 100 endemic plants. The cultural and scenic photographic opportunities on this expedition are outstanding. This expedition can be done as a standalone trip, or combined with the Indonesia - Raja Ampat & North Sulawesi expedition (as a Post-Extension).

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Natural Wonders - Blue Whales, Mantas, Leopards & Asian Elephant

9 - 27 MAR 2016  |   18 DAYS  |  16 GUESTS

Snorkel | Dive | Photo | Wildlife & Nature | Culture

Imagine an adventure that offers the opportunity to come face to face with wild Asian elephants, Sloth bear, leopard and to dive/snorkel with Blue and Sperm whales, dolphins, Manta rays, Whale sharks and schooling Hammerhead sharks.

Join us on an extraordinary wildlife expedition to Sri Lanka and the Maldives, two Indian Ocean gems which are listed as some of the worlds top biodiversity hotspots. Experience the most incredible national parks guided by the best local experts and witness diverse landscapes, tantalising cuisine and rich culture in Sri Lanka. Followed by an exploration of one of the worlds most pristine marine environments, the Maldives. A diver and snorkelers paradise, with over 1000 fish species and incredible coral gardens, explore this tropical island paradise from the comfort of our privately chartered luxurious yacht.

PRE EXTENSION | Cultural Highlights of Ski Lanka  |  5 - 10 MAR 2016  |  5 DAYS  |  16 GUESTS


Apex Predators & Sardine Run

Late JUN - JUL 2016   |   15 DAYS   |   8 GUESTS

Snorkel | Dive | Photo | Wildlife & Nature

After the huge success of our two South Africa expeditions last year, we are excited to announce our return to witness one of the worlds most spectacular wildlife events.

Experience the thrill of being part of the ultimate South Africa expedition and get up close and personal to Apex Predators, both in the water and on land. Witness the legendary Sardine Run, come eye to eye with huge Great White sharks, Bull sharks, Ragged-tooth sharks and ancient Seven gill sharks. Swim alongside Cape fur seals, see Humpback and Southern Right Whales and witness the famous African BIG 5 while on safari at a luxurious private Game Reserve. Using only the best operators, famous for pioneering the shark and sardine run diving in South Africa, you are able to experience amazing wildlife spectacles first hand, as seen on BBC’s Blue Planet, Discovery Channel’s Shark Week / Air Jaws and various National Geographic shows. This expedition is for both snorkelers and divers, no diving certificate required for cage diving.


The Best of Myanmar

NOV 2016   |   14 DAYS  |  12 GUESTS


Culture | Photo

Join us on an expedition to one of the most fascinating and intriguing countries of South East Asia. In this deeply Buddhist country, visit ancient temples and monasteries; explore bustling colorful markets and immerse yourself in the cultural splendors of this magical place. Our Burma itinerary is designed to not only cover the classic architectural wonders in Yangon, Mandalay and the ancient city of Bagan, but to witness minority hill tribes and experience the timeless beauty of life along the banks of the Irrawaddy River from the comforts of a restored colonial riverboat. As the sun slowly rises behind distant mountains, float over Bagans ancient stupas and the mighty Ayeyarwaddy River in a Hot-air Balloon. Visit a remote elephant camp in a conservation area, enjoy an elephant ride and help feed and bathe these gentle giants. Explore lush farmland, discover traditional villages and meet the ethnic minority tribes on a classic trek between Kalaw and Inle Lake and overnight at a monastery. This amazing adventure has been designed to include incredible photographic opportunities with in-field workshops and practical photo tips. Ngapali’s magnificent scenery of the Bay of Bengal and idyllic palm-lined beach is the perfect place to recharge after our busy Burma expedition.

PRE EXTENSION |  Bangkok (Thailand)  |  NOV  |  3 Days  | 12 Guests

We are offering a short Pre-Extension to explore Bangkok and its surroundings. Find more information via the Trip Information button below.

POST EXTENSION | Ngapali Beach |  DEC  |  3 Days  | 12 Guests

Come with us on a Post-Extension to Myanmar’s premier beach resort. Ngapali’s magnificent scenery of the Bay of Bengal and idyllic palm-lined beach is the perfect place to “get away from it all” and recharge after our busy “Ancient Burma” expedition. Simply unwind and relax in this tropical paradise in your luxurious beach-front suite. Indulge in a massage, enjoy fresh seafood, swim in the crystal clear warm waters of the Indian Ocean, go for a bike ride and visit local fishing villages that still preserve their traditional way of life.




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